If Fall Must Come

I am a summer girl.  I live for summer, I wait for summer and I love summer.  I am not ready for summer to leave.

As fall begins to set in (and early I might add) I tend to dig my heals into the ground.  I like having my kids around, I like the ease of summer and I like summer food, which mostly means lots of grilling.

But alas, I think Fall is knocking on my door and I can give in willingly or keep fighting it.  So I start to think of all the things I do love about fall.  And wouldn’t you know, it’s the food.

I love butternut squash.  I love it as a soup, a pasta sauce, and I will even eat it plain.  I will make my way down to the the nearest restaurant that sells butternut squash enchiladas and I will feast.

I get to start thinking about salads and sandwiches with pears in them.  I also get to switch my thinking to comfort food.  My favorite is Beef in a Red Wine Sauce.  I am also excited about Pasta with a smoke pork ragu.

Summer I wish you weren’t leaving so soon.   But I will grab my favorite blanket, curl up with my newest Everyday Food and I will dream of the food I will make as I continue to eat in season.