Just a Day to Vent

Today I am joining in a blog carnival called Friday Flip Offs.  I have had a few frustrating things happening lately and thought it just might feel good to vent.

My first flip off is to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  My husband had dropped off a few kids at the mall to hang out for bit.  My son was walking up the escalator in Dick’s and his foot slipped.  It sliced through his very worn out shoes, through his sock and right through his toe.(Just glad he at least had on shoes and not flip flops)

A Dick’s employee showed him where the bathroom was, and gave him a bandaid.  There was blood everywhere and no one cleaned it up.  It looked like it could have needed stitches, but they never called us (my husband was in the mall.)

When we called to ask why no one ever contacted us, they said because it was just a cut.  We then sent them pictures and they were shocked that we were not contacted.  They went on to blame us and the shoes.

Truth is it was no ones fault.  But if you have a pool in your backyard you carry extra insurance because accidents happen.  The same goes if you have an escalator in your store. Don’t blame us and just take care of us.  Call and inform us of the accident, don’t call it case closed until you do. Take care of our doctor visits and time lost trying to contact you for a week.  (They would not return our phone calls for a week.)

Thanks for the pathetic gift card, apparently my doctor said we couldn’t pay in gift cards.  We will use it, but won’t be running back to your store after that to spend a ton of money.  Below I will put up a picture of the toe and tell me if you would have freaked out that you weren’t contacted.

My other flip off goes to the lady that came out to do our appraisal.  She miss measured our house and dropped off 224 sq. ft.  When we went to see where she lost the square footage we realized the upstairs layout she drew wasn’t even our house.  This error dropped our appraisal value by at least $20,000.  This was one of 8 complaints we had.  She did a horrible job.

When we called her on it and asked her to change it she refused.  What??  Gone are the days of actually picking an appraiser you know and trust.  The new rules now say you have to pull a name out of a hat. Lucky us for drawing someone who can’t measure, draw or add.

The last one goes to my Physical Therapist.  I had major back surgery, was in a brace for 6 weeks.  After 3 visits of massage therapy she thought it was a good idea to have be do squats while lifting a 6lb ball over my head.  When I asked her if she missed out on some progression she said no.  When I told her I was in a ton of pain ever since, she was sure I had done something else over the weekend to aggravate it.  “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I WAS FLAT ON MY BACK THE WHOLE WEEKEND UNABLE TO MOVE!!!”

Needless to say I never went back.

Head on over to Flip Off Friday and see what others are frustrated with this week.  It might just make your day seem a whole lot better.

To see the picture of my son’s toe click on page 2 below…..It’s pretty gross, so if you don’t have the stomach for it, just move on.

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  1. Thanks for flipping off today – what a mess with the escalator!
    Hope your therapy continues to go well – 6 weeks in a brace, man!
    If you want to link to mommakiss or kludgymom next time, let me know :p

  2. Visiting from the Friday Flip Offs blog hop…OUCH..I’d be pissed if I wasn’t called too, that is a one big cut!

  3. I love how a chunk of skin is missing and they call it a scratch. Yeah, right! Nice to know that they aren’t worried about it…..

    I wonder if the employee was some 18 or 19 year old, who wasn’t a parent and had no idea how to handle this. You would think that the store has a policy if people get hurt.

    If a child so much as gets a scratch at our church, we are supposed to fill out an incident report, sign and date it and make sure that the parent gets a copy.

    And yes, if my son’s toe got hurt (especially if it bled and had a chunk missing like yours did) I would want to know about it.

    I love your blog and I tried to click on your feed so I could get it on my Google Reader but it won’t let me. Does your feed go to google or do I need to get it by email? I did see the email option but I prefer the reader so was trying to do it that way.

  4. Glad it wasn’t just me that thought I should have been called with this little toe scratch. And to answer your question, yes it was a teenager that did the report. I used to belong to a gym and if you even scratched yourself managers would show up, plus staff just to write up a report, very similar to your church and that is the way it should be.

  5. Amy, we went through the same thing with an appraisal last year. The company we had applied to picked the appraiser, not us, and he mismeasured, but also lowered our value *because we were installing new carpet in our bedroom that day and the upstairs was a mess*. I’m serious. We had applied through a very reputable, well-known bank, but should have stopped the minute the loan officer assigned to us wanted to know what FITW on my husband’s pay stub meant! We paid for the appraisal, too: $400 down the drain when we could least afford it.

  6. What a bummer. We actually went through all the steps to make them change it when we didn’t we went to our credit card company, complained and they have refunded the money.


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