My Field Trip

I had the opportunity to go on a field trip this week.  It was one that I had asked about myself.  If you remember back in June when I had surgery, I had a few friends and blog buddies I had met write posts for me in my absence.

Laura over at I’m Losing It Here was kind of enough to put together a post for me. She did on one Fubonn, which is an Asian market in SE Portland.  Having no idea how to even begin to shop at one of these I asked her if she would show me around.

It took us awhile to come up with a date, but finally the plan was in place.

If you have never been to one of these markets, it’s best to go with a friend that knows their way around.  I kid you not, this place was big and overwhelming.  Not only did I not know what half the stuff was, but I would have never known how to use most of it.

I did come home with a small sampling of things and I am excited to try something new and affordable.  Oh and let’s not forget quick.  Most of the meals Laura talked about with me were very quick meals.

I picked up some soba noodles.  It was quite a large package and I got 1, but at $1.28 Laura said that was a stock up price and she grabbed quite a few.  I have already fixed those.  I boiled them, drained them, then dipped them in a soba tsuyu sauce, which I also bought that day. Both the kids loved them.

We are going to make the salad rolls next.  I just need to make a Trader Joe’s run and get my peanut sauce.  Funny thing is my kids are so excited to try all the stuff I got.  My daughter has asked since I got home with the stuff.  I just need a few more things for each recipe.  My goal is to get them today.

I love trying something new.  Now here’s to hoping it doesn’t end up in the Fail category.

Have you ever shopped at one of these markets?  What are your favorite things to purchase?


  1. I had a great time Amy, and was so happy to meet you. Glad your kids liked the soba (it’s one of our favorites here) and can’t wait to hear how your family likes the salad rolls.

    One thing I found out though is how much I don’t know about the products in Fubonn. I know Chinese and Japanese products, and a little bit about Vietnamese flavors, but am lost when it comes to other Asian cuisines.

  2. That is a huge store; I would need a guide too! Our local asian store is about the size of a 7 -11.

    My kids love Laura’s Salad Rolls. In fact, I just got the ingredients yesterday so we could make more this week.