Only in a Small Town

I grew up in a small town, I mean really small town.  Population 150.  I moved away 23 years ago knowing I would never make that my home, but I love love to visit.

There are things that take place in a small town that you read about, and you always wonder, “Do they really happen?”  The answer is yes, yes they do.

I am “home” right now for the long weekend.  I marvel at what takes place here.

My dad’s garden is going crazy.  He has tomatoes coming out his ears.

Today he took a huge bag of tomatoes to the local hardware store and placed them on a bench.  All the locals do it.  Then anything you want, you just pick up and take home for yourself.  Or the elderly might come in and grab something.  Or others just might grab something they didn’t raise.

As he left the owner let him know that they would be gone by the end of the day and thanked him for dropping them off.

That’s the only reason my dad drove into our small town today.  Just to drop off the extra tomatoes.

The neighbor lady comes down and picks berries out of my parents gardens.  They take turns picking.  My mom one week, the neighbor the next.  They also share garlic and other goodies from their garden in exchange.

If you haven’t been spotted for a few days you can almost expect a phone call or someone dropping by.

For years my dad would give sweet corn to the Pastor, making sure they had enough to freeze for the winter.

The high school sports are a community event.  Not just for home games.  I remember growing up one of the teams we played was 5 hours away.  We always had a good crowd cheering us on.

In a few short days I will head back to my home in the suburbs.  I will greet a neighbor if I see them.  No food will be exchanged, no gatherings will happen that we will all attend.

Instead I will join others in their very busy lives that goes in all directions.  Barely taking the time to look up and wave.

I would love to have this community if a large town.  Is it even possible?