Porcelli’s Restaurant Review

Another day, another great meal using a very good coupon.  Today we went out to breakfast.  As we arrived and read through the requirements we quickly realized we had to spend $35 to use our $25 discount.  No problem as I love to eat.  We got the coupon from Restaurant.com.  We paid $2 for a $25 gift certificate.

First thing we realized is it was very well priced.  That said it was harder to spend $35 than we thought.  Three entrees, side of bacon and 2 coffees later we had reached $36.00.

We loved this place and will go back, but let me back up and give you our first impressions.  First off the place out front doesn’t look super nice.  Once inside it’s a completely different restaurant.  Clean, sleek, well lit and tables far enough apart you never feel like you are eating with strangers.

This was a one man show, at least on weekday mornings.  He seated us, took phone calls, cooked and brought drinks.  As you can imagine, it can’t all be done well.  After much time he finally came to take our order, we were glad as we had sat for quite some time.  As he got to our table and we began to ask questions, he took a phone call and walked away.  He was gone for like 5 minutes.

We almost walked out at that point, but stuck it out.  Finally we ordered and soon our meals came.  First was the crab omelet.  This thing was stuffed with crab.  It was amazing.  I had the Eggs Benedict and started in while he cooked my second Eggs Benedict this one an Italian one.  Each entree is served with potatoes.  Amazing cooked potatoes with caramelized onions.

Once the second Eggs Benedict came we stopped to stare.  This one is the Italian one, with pesto and Roma tomatoes.  This one was beyond amazing.  I have to say one of the best Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten.  I watched him make the pesto, so it was fresh on the spot.

We left with the pesto still dancing in our mouths.  We were full, happy and ready to return.  And we encourage all of you to as well.

With our restaurant.com gift certificate this whole meal cost us $11 or $13 since we paid $2 for the gift certificate.

Right now you can get your Restaurant.com gift certificate at 80% off.  Meaning you can purchase the $25 for $2 instead of $10.   Just use the code word “SHARE”.  This code and discount will be good through Wednesday, Sept. 22.

The pictures aren’t great.  I forgot my camera and had to use my phone, but I just wanted you to see the goodness.

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