Saving? It Can Be Done

Mama Kat has encouraged us to write about a time that we have saved a ton of money. Well, as you can tell by my blog name this is right up my alley.

I am frugal. I love finding things I can save money on, only to be able to spend on things I truly enjoy. Which for me tends to be a great meal out.

Just last week I had a great saving week. I bought (can I use that word) 12 boxes of pasta for FREE. I also got gum and Welchs grape juice for FREE, well actually they paid me a penny to take the juice out of the store. I was also picking up Colgate toothpaste for 13¢ a tube and stashing it away.

Now if you too are not familiar with the “saving community” out there then you too will wonder why I purchased/got 12 boxes of Pasta in one week.  It’s the whole concept of Stockpile shopping vs. Plain Ole’ shopping.

It doesn’t stop there, I got $20 jeans at Target for my daughter for $12 and they hadn’t even hit the clearance rack yet.  This price was even cheaper than what I had seen at resale shops.  Are you aware that Target has coupons on their site?  That’s right I got the jeans by using a $3 off denim coupon that Target had.  Those coupons go fast, so you have to print them right away. (They are currently out)

I guess it’s hard for me to pick just one time that I saved a lot of money since I am always looking for ways to save.   So if you are new to the concept, take time to find local deal blogs in your area.  For instance, here in the Pacific NW, I follow Frugal Living NW.  They match all the sales with coupons, all I do is go pick them up.  You didn’t really think I was organized enough to do it on my own did you??

If you haven’t already, take the plunge and see if couponing is for you.  Not interested in couopns, that’s ok too.  Check back every Tuesday as I share a tip on how to save money that doesn’t use coupons.

Not only do I love saving money, I love sharing with others how to do it.

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