Stockpiling vs. Just Plain Ole’ Shopping

This is just a reminder of what I do and how I do it.  Lately when I have been seen out shopping,  people see me with my coupons and they ask me how I do it.  This is for you.  Plus it just a good reminder for those of us that have lost focused.

I am an avid couponer and I had been doing really well and stockpiling. I had my pantry stuffed full and had moved things to other cupboards just to make room for the products I was bringing home.

Is stockpiling really the way to shop?  I mean seriously do you need to buy 15 boxes of cereal in one week instead of milk, sour cream, meat, cheese…you know the basics.

Well I have to say as of this month I am a firm believer in stockpiling.  Here’s why:

You will always have something on hand
Your grocery bill will go down significantly
As you learn what you need and how much, you buy it all at rock bottom prices
Your grocery bill will go down significantly, yep it’s true

I had surgery in June. Due to that we worked through our stockpile since I was laid up for over 6 weeks.  Now we are in the summer lazy days and getting to the store to grab the deals is not high on my list.

A few months back when I was doing stockpile shopping I was spending about $300 less a month in food than I am now.

It really hit me last week when I went to the store twice and spent $50 each time.  It’s time to get back on the bandwagon.

Once school starts next week I am going to stock my house back up with essentials, then start back into stockpile shopping.  It does take time and effort, but once you get the hang of it and once you have your stockpile in place maintaining it is a breeze.

Where should you start?

If you start immediately into stockpile shopping you won’t have food for meals.  Give yourself a good month or two to get stocked well enough to switch to complete stock pile shopping.

Do meal plans for yourself using what you have on hand and what is on sale that week.

Buy what you need when you need it.  Once you have stocked a ton of food and supplies then you will only buy when they are rock bottom prices and continue to maintain your stock.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be set and let me tell you it is one stress that I liked not having to deal with.  I liked having a pantry full of food and snacks for the kids.  At one time I had over 40 boxes of cereal that I had paid between FREE and 50¢.  Just last week I paid $2 for a box of cereal, and plan to do better by getting some at $1.50 this week.  It’s a good deal, but it kills me to pay that much when I know I could have gotten it for so much less.  But I need it, so I buy it.

Forgot about how I do it with coupons? Check out this post and this post to get yourself organized.  Before you know it you will be shopping like this.

This kind of shopping Works for Me.


  1. My mom was always one for stocking up and only buying certain items on sale. And, she always uses coupons. So, I am a big fan of stocking up, especially on things that don’t expire. Why pay extra and have to buy it more often when you can have extra on hand?

    Great post (and blog). Stopping by from SITS.


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