Target is Hot This Week

Yesterday I ran into Target real quick, got a phone call and had to leave.  I made my way back today because I had some great coupons that were expiring.

When I was there yesterday this rug caught my eye.  It was regularly $34, marked down to $22.  That was just too steep for me.  I was walking by it again today, so I checked again, just in case. They had marked it down to $8.74.  House wares was full of mark downs and had I gotten more I could have used a $5 off $50 coupon that printed last time I was at Target.

I also picked up a few other rugs for $1.24 each for my kitchen.  Not as cool, but something I needed.

Our store had a ton of clothes on clearance and even the 75% off rack was full.  Also all backpacks for kids were 75% off.  All other school supplies were 30% off.

Want to know what day things get marked down, check out Targets Mark Down Schedule.

On the way out I saw one of the managers.  A couple weeks ago she commented on how good I did with coupons.  I handed her a $3 off denim coupon that day.  Today when I saw her I asked if she used it, she said yes and was thrilled.  I showed her the accessories one, $2 off.  She asked me if she could us it on clearance, which I said yes.  She laughed, because here she was an employee asking a customer how to use their coupons.  I had an extra and told her there was a wallet over there for $2.48, after coupon it would only be 48¢.


  1. Amy, I was at Target last week and saw three people with this rug in their shopping cart! I went over to look at it because it was so pretty but thought it was too expensive (and I don’t need a rug) so didn’t splurge. Good for you for getting such a good price on it! I may go back and check it out today when I’m out running errands.

  2. Stopped by another Target today and the clothes on clearance were crazy. They are moving a lot of stuff and now I know why…. I saw them putting out the Christmas stuff.