10 Ways With Butternut Squash

It’s that time of year, so I am bringing this post back from last year.  Enjoy!!

I am trying to like fall, I really am.  I do love the trees and the colors that they display, I just love summer so so much.  But I am moving forward, it is October after all, right?

The one thing I do love this time of year is Butternut Squash.  I love it in every form imaginable.  I could eat it every day…if I weren’t so darn lazy.  It’s true butternut squash is hard and therefore it makes it not so fun to work with, but I have come up with easy ways to work with it and eat it.

So sit back and get ready for me to wow you with some easy and great ways with Butternut Squash.

My Favorite ways to Soften the Butternut Squash:

1. First and foremost, I try and cook the squash before adding it to any recipe.  It makes it softer and easier to work with.  I will cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and throw it in the microwave for about 5 minutes, let cool and peel it.  Usually makes it easier.  It might take more time depending on your microwave.

2. Another easy, easy way to soften butternut squash is to take it whole and throw it in the over for half an hour at 375 degrees.  Again, let cool, then cut, scoop out seeds and continue on with the recipe.

My favorite recipes so far are:

3. Butternut Squash Bisque
I also add leeks to mine, sometimes with the onion and sometimes instead of the onion.  I don’t like nutmeg, so none for me, and I like to serve it with a dollop of sour cream on top.

This soup does take some work, but I make at least a double batch, once it cools completely I put it in ziploc freezer bags, and lay them flat in my freezer.  Great lunches for me, since I am the only one that really likes this soup, which is fine, because it lasts forever.

Add a Chipotle Pepper to your soup.

4. Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce
This recipe makes about 4 cups of sauce1 medium butternut squash (about 1.5 lbs)
1 Tbls olive oil
1/2 tsp dried sage5 garlic cloves (unpeeled)
Pasta such as cheese ravioli or any short pasta
Toppings such as toasted walnuts(see note), parmesan cheese, fresh sage leaves, or sage leaves sauteed in butter and lightly browned.

Cut, peel, and cube squash.  Lay out on baking sheet with garlic, toss with sage and olive oil.  Season with salt and pepper. Bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes, tossing once halfway through.  Remove and discard skin from garlic.
Transfer squash and garlic to a food processor and puree.  With motor running, add half and half through the feed tube and process until smooth.  Adding water to thin if necessary.  Season again with salt to taste. (to freeze read below.)
Meanwhile, cook pasta according to directions.  Reserve one cup of pasta water.  Drain pasta and return to pot.  Pour sauce over pasta and toss to coat.  Add some reserved pasta water to thin if necessary.  Serve with desired toppings.
To freeze: Cool sauce to room temperature.  Transfer to airtight containers, leaving 1 inch of head space.  Freeze up to 3 months.  Thin with water if needed when reheating.
Note: To toast walnuts, spread on baking sheet and bake in 375 degree oven for 5-8 minutes or until brown.

Recipes I am going to try this year:

5. Papperdelle with Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese

6. Butternut Squash Ravioli

What I love to purchase this time of year:

7. Butternut Squash Ravioli from Costco.  I like it ok, that’s why I am working on making my own.  I like to serve it with a brown butter sage sauce.  I do like the simplicity of it.  To make a Brown Butter sage sauce just throw in 2Tbls butter into hot skillet, let cook until brown, add fresh sage and let it get crispy (is your mouth watering yet?) then toss with ravioli.

What I love seeing in Restaurants this time of year:

8. Chez Jose actually has these all year long, but I go now for fresh butternut squash.  They serve Butternut Squash Enchiladas.  Don’t judge until you have tried them.

9. Zeppo will also add Butternut Squash Ravioli to their menu this time of year, as will many restaurants, and yes, I do make my way down to indulge at least once.

10. I simply love butternut squash and will roast it either whole or in chunks drizzled with olive oil.  Most likely whole, because remember I am lazy. I can easily eat a whole butternut squash at one sitting, but I try and control myself since it just as good heated up the next day.


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  1. YUM. I want one now! They are so pretty, too!

  2. Oh I LOVE Butternut Squash!! Some of my favorites – Butternut Squash Fries, Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese & just cut up & baked w/olive oil like you said (I’ve really been liking Squash & Eggplant together like that lately) … ok, you just made me hungry:)

  3. I remember making butternut squash baby food, but I just can’t seem to like this squash very much. I did try a baked dish that was pretty good, but my kids gave it a thumbs down.

    Do you like acorn squash? That is what I usually fix.

  4. Brandi, I think it’s a squash you either love or hate. I am pretty much the only one in my family that enjoys it, but my oldest is really starting to like anything new I make, which I love.
    I have used acorn, and I do like it, but will always choose butternut over it any day. Not sure why.

  5. I love to cut the butternut squash into medium chunks along with yams, carrots, onion, and fresh beats. Drizzle with olive oil and a bit of salt and peppwr, the roast until golden and tender. Mmmmm so good!

  6. I love squash. Thanks for all the great ideas. I miss TJ’s butternut squash ravioli — it was better than Costco’s. : (

  7. Betsy I agree TJ’s did have a good one. Every now and then we have a company that shows up at my local Haggen store that is pretty good, but haven’t seen them yet. That’s why I want to attempt my own.
    Jamaica I agree, roasted with other veggies you just can’t go wrong.
    Mandi I need to try it with eggplant. I don’t like eggplant too well, but it’s one of those things I want to like. Grilled eggplant sandwiches, sounds good. Just need to get beyond the texture.

  8. I LOVE butternut squash and dishes made with it! In fact, I have a 5-pounder sitting on my kitchen counter right now…waiting for me to make something delicious with it. I’ll be trying a new soup recipe with the butternut squash, bacon, white beans and other veggies…I’ll let you know how the recipe turns out.

  9. Betsi Moore says

    I made butternut squash manicotti last night and it turned out to be fabulous! The butternut squash was hard to cut (I read the suggesitons after the fact) but it was well worth it!

  10. I would love to see that recipe. Sounds delicious.

  11. Diane Gregg says

    Butternut squash, not the most pleasant vegetable to work with, but tasty and very nutritious. To soften before slicing down the middle, I tried microwaving for one minute. Worked pretty well. It was easier to cut. I got some hot spots and some spots that bubbled up, but nothing too serious. Since I usually avoid buying these, I will probably put up with these inconveniences to have it more often.


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