50% off The Body Shop

This is a nationwide offer from Groupon today.  For $20 you can get $40 worth of product at The Body Shop.  What a great Christmas gift!!!

This offer is good for 2 per person.  In Store only and you may use it with the “Love Your Body Club” discount and it’s also valid towards sale items.

Hurry the offer ends today.  If you happen to be back east and see this late in the day, just change your city to Portland and you can get it until midnight our time.

If you are new to Groupon just click on “Visit More Cities” and sign up and you will start receiving daily emails of deals, then you just wait patiently until you find one you like.

Vacationing soon?  Get email alerts from your destination and watch for deals there as well.

How about Christmas gifts?  You can purchase from any city for any friend or relative.  Check expiration dates as most are about 1 year.  Purchase now and present at Christmas.

Traveling to Mexico or overseas?  They have Groupons too.


  1. Thanks for sharing this is one awesome deal I will be grabbing to stock up on teacher’s gifts!