How to Save a Buck at Starbucks

I love getting the inside scoop on things.  Today I was making my usual stop over at PortlandOnTheCheap, when I stumble upon this article that they had highlighted about Starbucks.

Here are just a few suggestions that they give to save a buck at Starbucks:

  • Because Starbucks is so eco friendly they will give you a 50¢ coffee refill anytime. (Although I think it might be just same day.)
  • Bring in a reusable cup and Starbuck’s will take off 10¢

Here’s my favorite:

  • Order a “poor man’s latte” by getting a shot of espresso over ice then go to their condiment bar and use their whole milk, half and half or nonfat.  It doesn’t take that much milk.

Also if you go in at closing you can get their pastries at a discount.  I got the mini vanilla bean scones one night for just 15¢ each.

I don’t like Starbucks but just in case you like them and want to give it a try, there you go.  Check out the article because there are even more tips listed.


  1. When you’re done paying, top the cup up with the Infinite Free Milk on the counter (the stuff they leave out for customers to add to their drip brew coffee). Take a straw and stir it up.