Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth the Money?

If anyone ever asks me if LASIK was worth the money I spent, I without hesitation say “YES!”

The only thing I really regret about my LASIK was waiting so long to get it.  We had the money set aside for years, but I am a wuss and getting the courage to do it took years.

I have worn glasses/contacts since I was 13.  You know back in the day when we had to “cook” our contacts every night.  Anyone remember that?

If you have seen the” King of Queens” episode about the LASIK surgery you will be glad to know I didn’t use a coupon, like Doug did.  It’s true, as a matter of fact, even though I got a discount for mentioning my friend, I paid more than other local places.  I liked the reputation, because it was my sight we were dealing with after all.

I also chose a local place with lifetime adjustments.
LOCAL, so I can go in anytime with questions or concerns.
LOCAL, so I didn’t have to add in travel costs to have it done
LOCAL so I won’t have travel costs for the FREE adjustments.

My LASIK eye surgery, that I had waited years for, took me all of 20 minutes and I have seeing perfect ever since.  Although, I am 41, so I know I will need reading glasses soon, but I am truly enjoying the fall leaves.

LASIK Eye Surgery is a Money4This expense, and I Love having perfect vision.

No more purchasing contacts and glasses.  No more purchasing saline solution and eye drops.  No more yearly check ups, now I go every 2 years.  It will eventually pay for it’s self.

What are you waiting for?


  1. My husband and I both want to do it. He has made the decision to do it in December while we are off of work. I will let him do it first and see how it goes. 🙂