It’s October 1st

That is crazy to me.  As you may know I am not much of a fall person, but this last week of heat and sun has been such a treat, I think I can willingly go into fall and start what I love, fall cooking.  I will give more details on that later, as I do have quite a list to share.

For now I want to point your attention over to The Coupon Project.  I love these posts she puts up occasionally that show what we should be looking for to stock up on this month. She does mention cold medicine, which I stocked up well on last year, but managed to just run out and I have been paying nearly full price, but I guess it’s worth it to not watch your family suffer.

For those of you that coupon or want to save, check this list out and start collecting coupons.

Photo is courtesy of Jenna’s Lens