Join a Gym and Save Money

Yep, it’s true if you join a gym you can save money.  All you need to do is fork over $25-$100 a month or whatever the cost of your local place and you can save.  How you might ask?

Health Benefits ~~ If you take time to exercise you will be taking care of your body.  By taking care of your body you will have a less chance of dealing with future health problems.  (I didn’t say sports injuries, although with proper stretching you can avoid much of that too.)

You can also do your own thing at home, but sometimes the motivation from instructors or the accountability from a friend that is expecting you is better.

Time at the Gym ~~ I found when I went to the gym on a regular schedule I was more likely to hurry and get my errands done and head home to take care of things before the kids got home.  Basically I wasn’t out shopping every day, therefore saving me money.

Do Something for Yourself~~ It’s always a treat to do something just for you.  The gym can be that thing.  For some working out might seem dreadful, but not at a gym.  Jump into that dance class you have been to afraid to try.  How about the aqua class?  When it’s all done, hang out in the sauna. Give yourself extra time to get ready before you start running for the day.

What made me think of all this?

For the first time in months I went back to my club.  That’s right.  I bought a Groupon for 14 days for just $39,  I posted about this great deal, (see I post the ones that I am personally excited about.)  I enjoy going to Club Sport because it’s clean and everyone is so friendly that I like spending time there.  My husband joined a cheaper club, you can read about it here.

A Gym Membership is a Money4This expense, which in the end can save you money down the road.  Taking care of my health Works for Me.


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I never thought about the gym in that way before but you made good points.

    I am enjoying my visit to your blog (it’s my first time). I hope you can stop over to Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon.

  2. And you might save your marriage too! Exercising with my husband has enriched our marriage so much!!! We have fun with friendly competition, we have time that we spend together everyday, we build teamwork as we reach our goals, and *ahem* it’s helped me become a little *ahem* ….more romantic, if you get my drift (which my husband loves!)

  3. Woohoo!! Anything to promote strong marriages, is a Money4This expense, without a doubt!! If the men read this they are going to be throwing money at their wives to join.

  4. …and if you’re lucky, you’ll make some really great friends at the gym in addition to getting a good workout. Now THAT’S a true bonus!!!