Menu Plan October 18

My menu plan this week will probably change since I am doing my shopping trip in a few days.  Last week was my first week trying a menu plan and for the most part I used it, that counts right?  I have to admit it was helpful, so I am going to try again this week.

Wondering why I am using a menu plan?

I just checked the weather and it looks like we can still use the BBQ and Traeger, so here’s to grillin’ and smoking again this week.

Monday ::  Off to the store to see what looks good.

Tuesday :: Steak, with garlic butter, Baked Potatoes and Caesar Salad (steak is a Money4This food, we like to splurge and have it every so often, and a good steak too.)

Wednesday ::  I’m gone and they can’t do it without me. Qdoba for them, unless Monday has leftovers.

Thursday ::  Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

Friday ::  Dinner with friends, I will take something to share, kids will heat up a pizza

Saturday :: Almost Famous  “Rigatoni D” (looks like it supposed to rain, so back inside to cook)

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