Portland Food Cart-Best Bang For Your Buck

Today I did another field trip with another local blogger, Inspired2Cook.  This is what we found.

Food carts are everywhere in Portland.  As a matter of fact in one of the recent Portland Monthly issues they talked about all the food carts and rated the best ones from each pod.

The food carts are a growing business for Portlanders.  With the economy the way it is it only makes sense. I mean think about it.  Rent is cheap, so it’s an easy start up and the food is cheap to purchase, which is nice for those needing to grab a quick bite and not wanting to spend a fortune.  It’s a win – win for all those involved.

Unsure of which Pod we wanted to eat at, we made our way towards 2 that are within 5 blocks.  One thing we discovered is the number of Thai food carts.  They were everywhere and my favorite part about that was you could get 2 large salad rolls for just $3.  I love salad rolls, so that seemed like a great bargain to me.

Even though the first pod at 9th and Alder was quite large, we continued on to the pod at 5th between Stark and Oak.  I was looking for something that we had read about.  It was the Schnitzel sandwich.  As we began to peruse around we found many great options.  Even after looking I knew I wanted the Schnitzel sandwich.  My friend went off to order some Indian food and grab a Pulled Pork sandwich to take home to her husband, I made my way to Tabor Czech Food.  I ordered the Original Schnitzelwich for $7.

My goal was to find the best bang for your buck.

I found the best bang for my buck right here.  As she handed the sandwich out the window I gasped, or yelled or maybe just both.  It was HUGE.   I asked for a knife to cut it, but she said it didn’t lend itself to being cut, handed me a plastic knife and sent me on my way.

Here is the description of my sandwich……

“A hand tenderized Carlton Farms pork loin that’s been sprinkled with bread crumbs, panfried, and placed hot and crispy into a Grand Central ciabatta roll amid the company of fresh greens, caramelized onions, a spicy re-pepper spread, and homemade horseradish.”

If you are hungry and needing something filling and big, this is for you.  I even shared a few bites with my buddy, but in the end….I couldn’t eat the whole thing.  I could have easily split this with a friend and been plenty full, making it only $3.50 a person.

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  1. nice…we used to hit the food carts up when we lived in baltimore…some great food..

  2. Wish I had been there to share that sandwich with you.

  3. Oh I reallllllly miss Oregon..I mean really really miss it. I loved heading into Portland for the Saturday Market and getting to sample all the wonderful fresh fruits,veggies and the yummie food! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  4. What a great variety of foods. I’ve always loved visiting Portland– and food was one of the reasons. They just seem to know how to do it right up there 🙂
    Happy SIMC, jj

  5. That was a fun fieldtrip, Amy! I’m looking forward to more food cart adventures with you! What’s your schedule look like for next week??? We’ve got a boat load of places to try!!!


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