Tuesday’s Tip – “Reduced for Quick Sale”

Whenever I go to the grocery store I always, always stop by the “reduce for quick sale” bins.  They have them for breads, meats and cheeses, not to mention other products as well.


The “sell by date” is a guide for the store to know when they need to move a product. Meat needs to be aged to be good, so it’s not necessarily going bad at that date, but it does need to move.

I tend to walk past these areas on everything shopping trip at every store.  I picked up some great Rib Eye Steaks at Safeway on time that were amazing and they were marked down, then an additional 30% off.  I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember they were amazing and inexpensive.

If I don’t intend on using the product right away I throw it in the freezer.  This is how I stockpile my freezer with meat.

My Haggen store has chicken that is local and is free of everything bad.  I peruse that area often and stock up on chicken when it’s marked down.

Next time you are in the store ask your butcher what days and times they mark down meat. That way you can plan your trips around it.


I always stop by the artisan breads and look for markdowns. They are so expensive, but so useful, but usually half price once marked down.

I throw them in the freezer immediately.  I like these breads for Grilled Sandwiches, since they are often sliced.

I also pick up sandwich bread and throw it in the freezer as well.

What other things do you look for in the reduced for quick sale?

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  1. Don’t forget produce! You can get some great deals there, too!

  2. I always look at the yogurt and milk section. my kids eat yogurt so quickly that the date never is a problem. The milk is often so cheap, whatever doesn’t get drank before it spoils, goes into a baked good.

  3. I have never seen marked down produce or dairy. I even looked after both of these comments. I will continue to check the rest of the stores because I would buy some if I saw some.


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