Tuesday’s Tip – Inexpensive Prosciutto

If you cook with Prosciutto, (I sure do) using the words inexpensive seems way off.  It’s always quite expensive. You probably grab it from the packaged area, since you might only need a little.  The cost is probably around $5.99 for 4oz. I have seen a few different sizes, but all relatively small and usually expensive.

If you go to the deli you will see it’s around $15.99 lb. Seems so expensive.

Time to do the math.  There are 16oz in a lb, making the prepackaged Prosciutto right around $24.00 lb. The last time I picked some up I only needed a few slices for my recipe and I got out of there for just over $2.

Obviously my area is going to be priced different than your area, so I encourage you to just do the math.   If there is a sale you might just find it for less prepackaged, you never know.

This tip is not just for prosciutto, check out other products as well.


  1. Great tip! I have never even thought about getting it behind the deli counter!

  2. I just found out about some wonderful Prosciutto made in Iowa, which is available at our local grocery chain, Hy-Vee. I’ve never bought Prosciutto before, but maybe I will now that it is from a more affordable, more local source.

  3. Love supporting the locals even if they are a little more!!! Once you start cooking with prosciutto you will be hooked. I am always needing it for something.