Tuesday’s Tip – Pop Your Own Popcorn

I had no idea you could do this.  I am so excited about it because I just realized that all microwave popcorn that you buy has hydrogenated oil in it.

My dad would be embarrassed if he saw me post this.  He has given me popcorn on the cob several times and we have done that, not sure why I never thought to do it this way.  I’m slow.

All you do is add 1/4 cup of kernels with 1 tsp olive oil in a brown paper bag.  Fold the bag down closed and tape shut.  Pop until the pops are a few seconds apart.

Now my question is, what is your favorite way to top your popcorn?  I like it simple, butter and salt.  What can I say??

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  1. We have always cooked popcorn on the stove. Put a little oil in the bottom of a big pot and put popcorn kernels in the pan. Cover with a lid. Hold the pot just above the burner so you dont scratch your stove and softly shake the pot. When the popcorn starts to put make sure the lid is NOT on completely. It needs to be able to vent or your popcorn will be tough. Add salt and butter or however you like to eat. Its delish!

  2. Jamie, we always did that growing up, yet have never done it as an adult. I think the microwave popcorn has made us all lazy. And what are we talking here, 2-3 minutes??? That’s sad.
    Thanks for the reminder.