10 Ways to Enter the Holiday Season Without Stress

It’s November 1, which means the Halloween decorations get quickly pushed aside and the Turkey dinner plans come out.  The thoughts of Christmas shopping start to creep in and before you know it, it’s November 23rd.  Don’t let stress rob you of the joy of the holidays.

It never has to be stressful.  It’s only that way because we LET it. Let me give you 10 ways to enter the Holiday Season Without With Less Stress.

  1. Make some spiced cider – it’s festive and comforting.  Just kick up your feet and enjoy while you work on a to do list…peacefully.
  2. Make a plan with the family“It’s Time for the Talk”, if you haven’t read this post it’s a good place to start, especially since we are still far enough out from Christmas.
  3. Start the shopping now – Some of you may have started already (way to go) the rest of you need to do it sooner rather than later so you can enjoy all the activities without the stress of shopping.  It’s easier on your budget if you spread it out over time too.
  4. Start stockpiling the food you might need – Watch for deals and match up with coupons.  Angela over at The Coupon Project has a list of foods that you are going to start seeing on sale this month.
  5. Start looking for gifts that you can make. – This is not only to cut back on cost, but it becomes more personal.  Give yourself plenty of time, so it’s not stressful. Check out Recycled Lovelies as she does 12 Days of DYI Christmas.
  6. Get some exercise – Yep that’s right.  Exercise helps reduce stress and it’s nice to have a little “you” time in the midst of all these activities.
  7. Plan fun Holiday activities that you can look forward to – This might be the Zoo Lights or the museum in your town that goes all out with lights.  How about that street that decorates like crazy every year.  Maybe it’s hitting a Christmas concert.  Plan anything fun, that doesn’t create work.
  8. Ask for help – No one likes this one.  Don’t take projects on all by yourself, find others willing to help.  No need to do the whole meal yourself, others like to contribute too.  Better yet, ask someone else to host the Holiday dinner.
  9. Eggnog can be spiked for a reason – Enjoy some holiday cheer.
  10. Pick one thing – Not one thing off this list was new, but many won’t do any of it.  So my challenge to you is pick one thing off the list and do it this year.

What other things have you done to make the holidays more fun and less stress?

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  1. Great list! One thing we strive for during the holidays is to slow down and do less than the typical family. Fewer gifts, less baking, simpler meals means we have time and energy to focus on being thankful and enjoying people. I stay far away from the mall in November and December, and my husband cooks homemade spaghetti for our Christmas dinner.

  2. Good for you! I love your approach.

  3. The food stockpiling is so smart! Simple, but smart! 🙂

  4. I agree, and I need to start working on that stockpile again!!!