10 Ways to Keep From Getting Suckered into a Good Deal

Since I am on vacation this week I am pulling out an archive.  With Christmas right around the corner and with my little reminder yesterday, I thought I should just bring back the whole thing.

When we were super poor I used to walk the aisles of Target looking for clearance items.  I could get new things for a fraction of the price for my family.  It really was the only way I could afford to shop and I honestly didn’t mind it.  Even in those times and even when I would find something for 94¢ I had to ask myself, do I really need it?

It’s not a good buy if you don’t need it.

We all know that, but we all get suckered into the great deal and we do have a hard time letting a good deal pass us by.  I have found my newest temptation.  Well actually there are more than just one.  Groupon, Living Social,  and Restaurant.com just to name a few.  They all come at you…everyday…with great offers.  It’s hard to think sometimes.

I will not lie, I LOVE these sites.  I love that they offer local restaurants with discounts now, where before it was only the chain restaurants that did that.  I love that they offer discounts on activities that you didn’t even know existed in your own town.  I love that I can watch them for a few weeks or months before going on a trip and find things to do at your vacation destination.

Most of all I love saving money on these things.  Things that I didn’t even know existed.  Things that I would have never spent money on.  Things that will probably cost me more later than…..Wait!  What just happened?  I just got suckered into something didn’t I?

With all these new avenues for saving I guess we just need to be ready to have some self control. My friend sent me an email saying she just couldn’t stop buying the deals, and I know what she has been buying… it’s true, they ARE great deals.

So let’s come up with a few steps for Self Control over these great discount sites:

1.  Look at the deal and see what all it includes.

2.  See how much you need to spend.  Some $25 GC require you to spend $35-$50.

3.  Go to the website and see if you like the menu, if it’s a restaurant.

4.  Check out the time allowed and see if you can realistically work it into your schedule.  We just bought one that was a Saturday afternoon only.  Not only will be need to book it ahead, but probably soon.

5.  Ask a friend if they would like to join you.  Just seeing if someone else thinks its a good deal, let’s you know if it really is.

6. Can you go to the restaurant or attend this activity before it expires?

7.  If you don’t use it, how much will you be out?

8.  If you do use it how much additional will it cost you?  Tips, tax and additional spending.

9.  Do you have the money for it?

10.  Once you have done all the research and are really sure, then press the “buy” button and ENJOY what you purchased.

I will continue to show off great deals when these sites offer them.  I just got Portland Monthly for $8 for a year.  Why would I want anyone to miss that? But if it’s not for you, DON’T BUY IT.

Have you bought anything from these Companies?  Have you used them yet?  Buyers remorse at all??

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  1. Great tips! Thanks!

  2. Great post! It doesn’t matter how great a deal is, if you don’t need it or can’t use it, it is a waste of money!

  3. I know, I think it’s constant reminder we need to make to ourselves.

  4. This is so true! It’s only a deal if you truly use/need it! I always have to ask myself too before the money leaves my hand, is this truly something I NEED? I have to admit, I’ve been suckered into a few things over the years;) I’m getting better, but we live in a society filled with STUFF and so it’s hard to keep that self-control in check!

  5. I’m lucky (I guess) that I live in Canada so most of those sites don’t work for me. I have used restaurants.com before, though, when we were visiting Vegas. I only bought gift certs for restaurants I was SURE we were going to.

  6. I am getting better at discerning what I need and what I want. It has taken me my whole 30 years of life!

  7. So true! I love a good deal and it can be so hard to resist. You have some great tips though! Thank you!


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