3 Reasons to Use a Credit Card-Tuesday’s Tip

Many people are anti credit cards, but when used responsibly they can actually help you….

  1. Protect yourself.  If for any reason you need to dispute a purchase, credit card companies are happy to help, given your reasons are legit.
  2. Added warranty.  Most people will pay the extra $100 for the extended or warranty or just go without.  With our Bank of America card and with our American Express we get extended warranty just for putting it on those cards.  My husband has even used his American Express warranty on computers in the past. Recently my husband got his iPod replaced with his credit card warranty, when it mysteriously died.  (We did not pay for an Apple warranty.)
  3. Credit cards companies protect you.  If for some reason someone gets your card number and starts making purchases you can get that taken care of right away.  The same is with a debit card, but you will be responsible for any overdraft fees and covering the lost money until the money is refunded to you.

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