Don’t Touch My Junk T-Shirt

I am sure you, along with all of America, has been following the TSA’s new rules with screening.  I just can’t get over all that is going on.  The pictures that have already been leaked onto the web.  I have even heard rumors that they are “profiling” hot chicks for the full body scanners.

If you don’t choose the “porno” scanner then you have to agree to a full body pat down.

What has our world come to?

I have to say this shirt makes me laugh because of the 2 options there is not a good one.  TSA needs to know how we all feel about this.  I think it would be great if everyone wore one of these as they went through security.

My husband flew last weekend between Las Vegas and Portland and he never saw the new scanners or the full pat downs. They aren’t every where just, but they are coming.

So if you are interested in a Don’t Touch my Junk T-shirt,  head on over to Tanga and grab one today.  If you are flying I would suggest you get one.  If I was flying anytime soon, I would consider it.


  1. That’s a funny shirt! Love it!