Give That Helium Balloon New Life

Today’s Tuesday’s Tip is a favorite of mine.  I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet.  Actually you will get 2 great tips today.

First off if you decide you want to buy a Helium balloon for an event, DON’T go to Target, Fred Meyer or any of those kinds of stores or even a party supply store,


Make your way to the dollar store. While you are there pick up a balloon weight for $1 instead of $3.49 like the party store charges.

Second, I have reused balloons before.  When they start to go flat you can::

  1. Take a tiny straw and stick it in the hole and blow it to inflate it back up.  It will still contain enough helium to keep it floating in the air.  By adding a little air you will just take a slight “limp” balloon and make it new again.
  2. Take it to the store you purchased it at and have them add a tiny shot of helium.  I have never been charged.  I usually ask first, then go get my balloons.  No one has ever had a problem with this.

I have done this a lot lately.  My daughter got balloons for her birthday at the first of the month.  We have since hosted 2 other birthday parties at our house and each time we have the balloons out as decorations.  Love balloons for that!!


  1. Dollar Store balloons rock! We also use them as party decorations and reuse them as favors for the guests to take home. Of course, we have a slightly younger (toddler/preschool) crowd.