Hotel Modera Portland

One of the things that I do spend money on is time with my husband.  Sometimes it’s hard to get away, and when you do get time off you hate to spend a ton of time traveling.

That’s why I like todays Groupon offer.  A great price to stay downtown Portland.  We have actually done something like this a few times and have never regretted it.

The deal is located in Portland, you might need to change your city and it’s located in the side bar.

You can stay at the Hotel Modera in downtown Portland for just $135 a night.  The price comes with and I quote (because it’s so funny) “A host of complimentary amenities includes health-club passes, free WiFi, and newspaper delivery, ensuring guests are nicely toned and suitably informed before striking up small talk in the hotel’s stylish restaurant. ”

They are also offering late checkout so you can explore downtown Portland some more or and I quote again, “Today’s deal includes a 2 p.m. checkout, leaving guests plenty of time to explore downtown or build in-room igloos out of bedding and bath supplies.”

Who doesn’t like to build igloos or forts?  We want to buy this just so we can down and see how they run the joint, sounds fun.

If you are interested in this deal you do have some time.  It’s available until tomorrow.  Although sometimes (but not always) they limit how many rooms they will give away and the deal ends before the time is up.

This also would make a great Christmas gift for someone, including your spouse.

Without a doubt, time away with your spouse is a Money4This expense.  I would cut back in a lot of areas to make something like this happen.