Meat, Songs, Apparel and a Whole Lot More

Check out the Groupon in Philadelphia today.  For just $25 you can get $50 worth of steak.  Not just any steak, this is corn fed beef aged up to 28 days.

This is a online deal from the Kansas City Steak Company, so anyone can take advantage of it. To find this deal, just click on “visit more cities” at the top and choose Philadelphia.

Meat not your thing??  How about a personalized Song Collection From Name Your Tune, for just $10. If you are intested in checking out the details of this fun idea, just change your city to Boston.

Looking for something for your guy.  Check out the deal at Phoenix, it’s from the ManCave.  You can get meat, apparel and other manly products.  I am not making this up, just writing what they wrote already.

Remember to look in the side bars for additional deals, and any online deals can be used by anyone.

All these can be given as gifts.  Which makes your shopping that much easier.



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