Pancakes, Homemade Christmas Gifts and More

Pancake recipe from Good Cheap Eats

Today I want to share with you some great things I have found around the blogoshere.

I really like the Lunch box ideas, my kids are older, so theirs would need to be much bigger, but nonetheless she has some great ideas.  My kids would probably appreciate if I changed things up a little too.

I have been enjoying Life as Mom a lot lately.  As a matter of fact we had her pancakes for breakfast and everyone loved them.  She does a lot of cooking ahead and here is her most recent monthly cooking menu. (Just so you aren’t confused, both sites are hers.)

I am a big fan of teaching your kids the value of money, so I enjoyed this post over at Frugal Dad a few weeks back.

Looking for ideas for homemade Christmas gifts.  Check out Recycled Lovelies as she is doing 12 Days of DIY Christmas.

If you want to see more ideas check out Saturday Stumbles