Tuesday’s Tip – Watch for Awful Sales

This is your money saving tip of the day::

Just because it’s on sale doesn’t make it a good deal

As the Holidays approach and the stores start offering sale after sale, make sure you do your homework to know if indeed it is a good sale.

  • Stores tend to mark things up, then take 50% off.  Really, you are paying the same price.
  • Same with Clearance.  Watch it carefully.  I saw jeans at Target I got for $12 on sale with a coupon.  On Clearance you could snag the same pair for just $17.50.
  • Want that bear?  Don’t buy an additional $30 worth of clothing to get it, instead go buy your own for $9.99.  Chances are if you aren’t getting it for “FREE” you don’t even really want it.
  • Check around and see if it’s cheaper elsewhere. (there’s an apt for that)  Don’t be afraid to return something that you find cheaper else where.
  • Shop online, avoid the hype and get great deals.

Be wise and be smart this holiday season.