Affordable Meals Without Using Your Stockpile

Tuesday’s Tip

It seems like this time of my year my cupboard is a little more bare as I haven’t grocery shopped as much.  I still want to make an amazing meal, yet keep it affordable.

This is where meal planning comes into play and thinking ahead is key.

Last week I wanted to make something with fresh basil. Fresh basil costs about $2.49 a container.  In order to justify it, and so I would use it all, I came up with at least three meals.

I made a basil mayonnaise to dip my panko chicken in.
1/2 cup Mayo
bunch of fresh basil – I like lots, like 1 cup
1 garlic clove
Tblsp lemon

I use a hand blender to blend together.  Dip panko chicken in the basil mayonnaise.

I use the leftover as a spread on my kids’ turkey sandwiches for school.  It makes it feel more gourmet that way.

I also made a fresh Basil Pesto.

The last meal I make is using fresh basil with marinated mozzarella and grilling them on crusty bread.  In the summer I actually put them on the grill, but in the winter I use the George Foreman or a skillet with a weighted pan on top.

Not only are my meals affordable, but they are delicious and before the basil even goes bad, I use it completely.

I do the same with a bottle of wine if I am cooking with it.  Although it will last much longer, I just plan my meals around using up the whole bottle of wine.

Just because you can’t save a ton a money, doesn’t mean you can’t make a great, affordable meal.

What are your tricks?


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