Call me Bah Humbug

Us in Mexico 2 years ago

This time of year is not my favorite.  Now hear me out, I really do want to like Christmas, but it just makes me crazy.

I think my friend said it best about Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago.  She said ” I hate that on Thanksgiving you are required to make a certain meal.  If I was having a large gathering I most certainly wouldn’t prepare that meal, it’s too time consuming.”  See, she loves Thanksgiving, she just doesn’t like the turkey.

I totally get that!!!

I hate that at Christmas we are TOLD to buy presents at this time, before this date and we are EXPECTED to get things for our kids that we wouldn’t normally get for them.

I love the story of Christmas so much.  It’s Christ’s birth.  And it’s truly amazing!  I love that we can celebrate that day.  No matter how focused you try to be, I still think everyone gets caught up in the commercialized season.

I also feel stressed about getting the right gift for everyone, since I try really hard to stick to a budget and buy things they will use and love.   Wow that’s a lot of pressure.

So don’t hate me, don’t judge me.  Just help me see past the commercial holiday to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

Two years ago we “skipped” Christmas and went to Mexico.  Our kids still talk about that to this day.  That trip was a Finer Thing in life for sure.  I asked my daughter what we got her for Christmas 3 years ago, she couldn’t remember, I asked her about her favorite memory from Mexico and she couldn’t narrow down just one.

I like the idea of purchasing an experience and not just a gift.  I think we need to get away for Christmas again next year.  It makes me really acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas.

What things do you do to make sure you make Christmas enjoyable, memorable and not stressful?


  1. Amy – I totally agree… and I think part of that might be that my ‘love language’ isn’t gifts though. I hate it when people are asking me what I want for Christmas – In fact the next time I’m asked I’m going to say, “That isn’t what Christmas is about… if you want to get me something – then make it from your heart… certainly don’t do it because you have to or are expected to.”… I also can’t stand the headlines immediately after Christmas – mark my words… they will say something like, “Didn’t get what you wanted?” or “Now it’s YOUR turn”… I love buying gifts for people but it is the thought that I enjoy… thinking about my loved ones and how I can make them smile. I hate drawing names – that puts on the pressure and makes me feel like I have to buy this person a gift… instead of it being something I just want to do…. okay – that was my rant…
    I did want to say that this year I’m trying to focus on experiences as gifts – making memories with the kids. I would like to take the kids sledding… or on a horse-drawn sleigh ride (have you ever done that?!)… that seems like such a better gift than more TOYS. Unfortunately, my hubby has a different love language than I… (his is gifts) and ‘experiences’ just aren’t the same to him…
    Anyhow – great post… Merry Christmas friend!

  2. Jenni Thanks for backing me on this one!!!!! My love language is definitely not gifts, it’s time. So yeah, Christmas doesn’t work for me. I have actually never thought about that before, that actually brings some clarity to my life. 🙂