Everything I Wanted But Didn’t Get For Christmas

Is on sale now at Sears.  Wh0 remembers that jingle from years past?

How many are headed out to look for some after Christmas deals?

There will be deals to be had on the day after Christmas, but be warned they might not be as good as you hope.

Why you ask?

Well, people are out spending gift cards, people are returning gifts and exchanging for something different.  And others got cash that is burning a hole in their pocket.

Retailers are very well aware of this, so they don’t necessarily lower prices right after Christmas.  Give it a few days if you want a great deal.

I have also found that if you can wait until the end of January I have scored jeans rather cheap at places like Aeropostale and I am sure other stores do the same.  That is about the time they are getting ready to start stocking spring/sunny vacation wear for those leaving for Spring Break.

You can head over and look at the Target Markdown Schedule.  Christmas doesn’t follow a schedule, but you can at least get an idea of how soon you should be checking in daily.  You can score some great toys for next to nothing after Christmas.