Goodwill Outlet

I never knew this place even existed, so I was excited to see what it was about.  I know someone that goes on occasion, so she decided to show me the ropes.  She kept calling this place the bins, but I still had no idea what it would be like.

Here are the bins

As you can see some are filled with clothes, and you can see the sign above that shows the price is per pound.  The more you buy the cheaper it is.

Some bins are filled with crap

So you just spend your time digging.  You are probably wondering what we bought.  Well, the gal I went with filled the cart to the top, I on the other had a about 10-15 things.  Nice things like sweaters from Anthropology, sweatshirt from J.Crew, and a Nine West purse.  I found a pair of really nice Banana Republic jeans that I had to hand off because they were the wrong size, but they were very nice and they looked brand new.

In the end, here is what we went home with and it cost just 89¢ lb. There was nearly 60 lbs worth of stuff in there.

You might be wondering, Was it gross?

Honestly I hate going into resale shops because of the smell, but for some reason this one didn’t smell that bad.  It was actually fun to dig.  There were prom dresses, formal evening wear, any brand name jeans you can think of.  If you ever need a dress up costume for any event, this is the place.

You might be wondering how they get here if they are that nice.  Well in my opinion Goodwill prices their things way to high.  The last time I went I saw a boys Nike t-shirt, white with a blue collar.  The blue had bleed onto the white and it was $10.  REALLY????

The outlets on the other hand are so cheap.  Most things ended up costing me right around 50¢ each, so I was willing to buy without being able to try on.

Now seems like a great time to go because of all the end of year donations people dropped off.  Don’t be afraid to try, it’s not that bad.