One Word, One Outcome

Wish:: a desired outcome

Hope:: a directed confidence

My word for 2010 was HOPE.  Oh trust me, I had a wish about how it would turn out, but I chose to put my Hope in Christ.

For those of you that don’t know the story, I had chronic back pain for nearly 7 years.  I won’t go into details here, but if you want to read on you can HERE.

Being a super frugal person, this whole thing was a hard pill to swallow.  I chose a surgery that my insurance would not pay for.  All I could do was HOPE.  HOPE for finances and HOPE for a successful surgery.

I didn’t choose this word, this word some how chose me.  It found me in January and I just began to cling to it as I went from doctor to doctor and surgeon to surgeon.

On my birthday in February a friend gave me a gift box and really big on top it said “HOPE.”  She said to me I know I don’t normally give gifts like this, but for some reason I felt like I needed to give this to you.  Wow!

I told my father in law, who is my prayer warrior, what my word was and he began to pray.  One day he came by the house and put a verse inside my box that talked about HOPE.

I sit here today, pain free, for the first time since…well, I don’t even know how long it has been. I am officially off pain pills and I am slowly getting my life back.  HOPE

Let me back up and say, I have never had a “word” for the year.  Who does that?  But like I said, that word found me and became my prayer.  Trust me, if I could actually pick a word on my own it would be “PRANKS.”  That’s right, and my goal would be to see how many pranks I could pull in that year. And that would bring me great JOY!!

It has happened again this year and my word is JOY.  I am praying for JOY over my husband, my kids and our lives together.  I want us to all find JOY in situations that no one can find JOY in.

Again, this word found me.  It actually found me a few weeks ago.  It’s fine by me, I would rather choose JOY over anger or discontentment.

Also when I think of JOY I think of cartwheels, who knows, maybe sometime this year I will feel good enough to do cartwheels.  There’s always HOPE.

So, how about you…do you have a word for the year?

This post is part of Mama Kat’s Workshop.  The topic :: Choose a word that encompasses 2010 and a theme for 2011.

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  1. Hey, just visiting from Mamma Kat’s. I had surgery when I was 19, I had back surgery. Read about my story here.