Quality Clothing vs. Quanity Clothing

photo courtesy of net-efekt

This is a tough one for some people, but for me it’s an absolute no brainer. I prefer quantity over quality, but nonetheless let’s look at the pro’s and cons of both.

Quality Clothing


  1. Made much better
  2. Should not fall apart quickly if cared for properly
  3. Stylish


  1. Costs more, although you can watch for sales and clearance.
  2. Depending on cost and budget you will be limited to how much you can purchase
  3. Might still look good even though it’s out of style
  4. You have to enter a mall to find better quality clothing, which means you will be tempted to hit more stores, possibly spending more than you had wanted.
  5. A white shirt is a white shirt. It will get dingy looking no matter if you paid $20 or $5.
  6. The super thin shirts will always get holes, because they are super thin. Again it doesn’t matter if you pay $20 or $5.

Quantity Clothing


  1. At an affordable price you will end up with twice as many things
  2. With more items even those not made as well will last longer since they won’t get worn as much due to rotating your clothing.
  3. You can change styles as much as you would like
  4. You don’t feel bad getting rid of something when you no longer want it
  5. Bigger variety of color and styles


  1. You won’t have name brand stuff as often, although TJ Maxx and Marshall’s make name brand possible
  2. Target quality is not the best with some products
  3. You might end up with so much stuff you never wear it all

I am not a fashion guru by any means, but I do like to look nice and I do like some quality things, for instance I will spend money on:


But when it comes to shirts and socks and even bras I choose quantity. I know many people like Victoria Secret bras, but I can get 3 bras at TJ Maxx or even Target for the same price, maybe even 4. That also provides me with more variety of color and they end up lasting the same amount of time because I am rotating 3 instead of one.

What about you? Do you think Quality over Quantity or Quantity over Quality?