When Can We Stop Accumulating?

It seems we are always looking for the next best thing for our living room.  The next best gadget for our kitchen, the better sofa, the nicer chair the pretty painting…does the list ever stop?

The other day I decided I wasn’t going to by anything else for my kitchen.  With both kids in high school and them off to college soon after that, it seems like I will want to start downsizing. Why would I want more stuff, just to have to get rid of it once we move out of this house.

Yes, I am one of those that moves at the drop of a hat. I don’t need a home to “hang my hat” that is permanent I just need a nice simple home. I love our house, but our next house will be smaller and simpler.  I can’t wait.

We spent a few years living in Germany. Although it was many, many years ago, I still love that time of our life. First off we could only take what we could put in a box and were willing to pay to ship. Then once there we only purchased what we needed, because we knew our time would be short.  No use spending lots of money on fancy things for 2 and half years.

We had the basics and we didn’t spend our time there trying to fully furnish our house or buy the kitchen gadgets. No, we spent our time out of our house exploring the country we called home for over 2 years. When we left we gave our stuff away.

Life was so simple then.

So is it safe to say, at 42, I can stop accumulating stuff and start working on the purging?

My house is decorated well enough.  I get compliments, I enjoy it.  I has been the same for a few years now, but that’s fine with me.  I like it.

How about you? Have you even thought about this at all?

Plus once you stop accumulating think of all the money you will be saving each month. It brings about a freedom.

I love that Frugal Dad also approached this same subject!!

photo courtesy of thedamnmushroom


  1. OMG! I thought that was my grandma’s house! She is a hoarder. And that above is just horrible. Don’t be that lazy, pick things up and place them where they belong. Easy as that.

  2. looks like garage sale time or start ebaying, or we just might be looking at you on the hoarder show:) just kidding not bad..but i have learned as i get older, dont need the stuff anymore, when i buy something new, i always get rid of something, the goodwill loves us and we so need the write offs…i love not having all that stuff, we havent changed decor in years, it has saved us sooo much money, i use to change up the look every year, but why, our home is cute and we dont have all these knick knacks and extras to dust, just the basics, in my kitchen have decreased all the kitchen stuff by just having 3 appliances that do it all and put out the extra money to have quality instead of replacing every year, example put out the 400 dollars for a vitamix, i would go thru blenders like crazy even the breville which we spent 150 dollars on, so we splurge and got the vitamix and so far have our year and it hasnt broke down, we also have a 7 year warranty. i think as we get older we need less stuff and if you buy quality the first time around you save so much more than replacing the cheap stuff every year. we live in a 3700 square foot house and would love to downsize, but with the housing market we would never get what we put into this house and believe it or not, everything out there smaller is more expensive than what we have…so we are stuck in this big house, so another reason why we keep simple less to clean….good luck on your purging…