6 Good Deals to Look For In January

Update:  Yes, Target did have some great clearance, yes school supplies did come out, but not clearanced just yet, I got jeans at Aeropostal for $9.99. The store was filled with them. And Albertsons did have their Quaker sale again this year, but it wasn’t nearly as good as last year.

Did anyone find any good deals?

The week after Christmas is still considered a big buying time for retailers, so the best deals aren’t there just yet.  Plus with all those gift card sales, why would you offer the best prices so early after Christmas?

Now the time comes for some great deals.  Check out these 6 things to watch for in January.

  1. People were getting their homes ready for company over the holidays, so watch for home decor to have a good clearance section.  I particularly like Target’s.
  2. Gift sets will start to go on clearance.  You know, the stocking stuffer type of things, like bath and body.
  3. I have already seen school supplies on sale this week, but wait a few more weeks and by the end of January you will see this all go on clearance.  I scored big time last year at Target. I watch for school supplies all year long.
  4. Jeans will start to go dirt cheap.  My plan is to hit Aeropostal by the end of the month.  I have purchased jeans for as little at $10.  Why so cheap?  They are already stocking stores with swimsuits and stuff as people get ready for spring break vacation.  We still have plenty of months left to wear jeans, so stock up as prices drop.
  5. Snow gear.  Last year I got tons of gloves and ski masks for the family since they all snowboard.  I got them for so cheap that they don’t have to wash between trips if they don’t have time.  And if the gloves get wet, put on a new pair.  It was great.
  6. I am also hoping for a big Quaker Oats Sale again this January.  That lasted me quite some time.
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