Get Rid of Cold Sores Quickly With Household Products

Nothing is more embarrassing that a big honkin’ cold sore on your lip. For some reason I am starting to get them more frequently, so I needed a better method than Abreva, which by the way does not work.

I actually didn’t mind getting it so much this time. It’s like a game to see how quickly I can get rid of it. I know I am pretty messed up, but nonetheless I have a few things in here that just might help all you cold sore sufferers out there.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar $3.00 – I buy the natural organic Bragg brand
  • Nail Polish Remover – $.99 stick with me on this one
  • Neosporin (not lip treatment, but the stuff used for cuts and burns) – Free w/coupons
  • Ice – FREE
  • Campho Phenique – not necessary, but has it’s benefits – $4, but watch for coupons
  • Hand Sanitizer – 50¢
  • L-Lysine – $6.50
  • L-Lysine cream – $7.00


  • Abreva $17

The list above comes to just a few dollars more than the one item listed below.

The list above has many uses beyond just Cold Sores, the list below, one use and it doesn’t even work.

Here is my method for getting rid of a cold sore

  • When you first feel the tingle put ice on it. Melt the whole cube and do this a couple times through out the day. This can sometimes stop it.
  • Also start applying nail polish remover with a Q-tip. Probably not super safe, but unfortunately it works.   Don’t want to use that, then apply Apple Cider Vinegar. Do this throughout the life of the cold sore.
  • Start taking L-Lysine pills immediately. I started with 3000-4000mg the first day. I continued that for the next 2 days and then started tapering it down to 2000-3000mg a day, until down to 500mg then off. Some even suggest higher amounts, but this seemed to work for me. It’s not recommended you take this for extended periods.
  • I bought the L-lysine cream, so would put that on occasionally as well. Not sure I would buy it again.
  • My plan is to make this thing dry out. So I don’t use Neosporin just yet, because that makes it too moist.
  • When I am out and about and don’t have any nail polish remover I use Hand Sanitizer. Again, this just dries it out. I always have this in my car and it works well.
  • If you do all this or even part of it, you shouldn’t have a full blown cold sore. It should start to heal in a matter of days. Once it starts to scab you can then start using neosporin to heal it. If you want a natural approach you could also use honey.
  • If at any point it does become painful Campho Phenique is good for pain relief.

I got my cold sore on Saturday and today is Wednesday and it’s nearly gone. The best part is no one could ever see it on my lip. To me that’s success.

Only a few more days and I can start kissing my husband again.

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  1. Hi,
    How does nail polish remover works? That’s the weirdest recipe I’ve found so far.

  2. Apparently its the Acetone in it. It dries the cold sore out. It doesn’t sting too bad, not like some things people suggest.

  3. Nothing is more effective than using household products to heal the wounds that cold sore brought into our lips. Most of the time, we tend to have a look for medicines and other treatments inside our house. This is most especially when the night time comes.


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