Let’s Bring Frugal Back

Frugal Living NW asked the question if the frugal fad was a temporary fad or a lifestyle change. This is my long version of what I think, which you are frugal by nature or frugal because you have to be? Frugal by nature will always be frugal.

I am frugal:   economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful: and I love being frugal.

I can’t help it,  it’s who I am.  I think it’s a lost art of saving or living within our means, and it needs to come back. Everyone says it, not many do it.  Even with the economy the way it is, people are still spending.

People look at it with negative connotations.  I often tell people I am frugal and they laugh.  I say it with pride.

I have been writing about Teaching Your Kids the Value of Money.  I have worked really hard to have our kids realize that money doesn’t grow on trees and things cost money.  My kids get it, because I am frugal and I am passing that along to them.  Be wise.  If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it.

At our school  the 8th graders get to take a trip at the end of the year.  In the past it’s been a fun 3 day trip, but the kids have to do fundraisers to earn the money to go.  I love this, because in the process they learn the value of money, they know the cost and how much they pay down with fundraisers. Also they don’t get that sense of entitlement that many kids have. It’ s not handed to them, they earn it.

Things are being done a little differently now because of new leadership.  I inquired about the price of the trip and was told it was $150 for an over nighter.

You can all see my frugal eyes popped wide open and my jaw on the ground can’t you?

I began to push for details of this as it seemed extreme.

Unfortunately I wish I could tell you I did it in a mellow way  like just wrote in that last sentence, but that’s not how it played out at all.  I even used the words “half-ass”, but in my defense it’s because I couldn’t think of any other words.  I really should learn to use a thesaurus.

I had even asked other parents if they thought it was extreme.  Most thought it was way too much. One wrote back and said they didn’t think so.  I was in shock.

Needless to say my email that I sent ended up getting read and the trip was reviewed and they did decide that the price tag was extreme.  Ya think?

Here I am as a parent trying really hard to teach my kids the value of money and we are surrounded by adults that don’t even understand it sometimes. Some of them have the money and don’t even think about it and others are used to spending such high amounts all the time they don’t even question it.  They just continue to make themselves a slave to the working world to keep up.

Then that got me to thinking if I am surround by parents and staff at my school that don’t have a good grasp of the value of money, we are screwed by the people in politics that don’t understand this and they are the ones spending our money.

I don’t think we can change the world, but I plan to start with my kids.

We don’t have debt and I plan to keep it that way.  We aren’t filthy rich, but we do live in a nice house.  Why is all this possible, because we are a frugal family.  We vacation a lot and our kids never go without, but if we can’t afford it, we don’t buy it.

There is nothing wrong with being frugal.  Say it with pride and live it with gusto.

Frugal, the New Sexy, Let’s Bring it Back

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  1. I like this post!

    Our 8th graders go on an overseas 2-week trip every year as part of their curriculum (they’re in a language immersion program). It’s an expensive trip, but the past few years the classes have done an incredible amount of fundraising to a)keep the individual family cost down, and b) give the kids some ownership and understanding of what a trip like this costs. But next year’s parents have decided that they will not do any fundraising; they are just going to pay whatever it costs! Maybe most of them can afford it, but there are always families that cannot, and I also think it sends the wrong message to all kids about entitlement. Hopefully this is just a one-off with this class and future groups will get back to fundraising, or someone will finally see the light and they will do some fundraising.

    Like you, I want my children to understand what things cost, and that sometimes you can’t just ask mom and dad and get what you want; that you value things more when you have to work and save to get there. They are already learning now from us how difficult it is to get out of debt, but I want them to see the other side as well.

  2. Wow! It is frustrating. Our kids go to a private school too. It’s a stretch on our part, but we get clumped into the group of people that have lots of money. I would think yo have the same types of families at your school. Do you need me to send an email? 🙂 My email talked about entitlement issues right in it.

  3. “Frugal, the New Sexy, Let’s Bring it Back”

    I love it!

    I definatley work to be frugal in our home and I’m here looking for ideas of how to pass this along to my son. I appreciate your outrage and the fact that you are bringing this up and making other people take a second look at how they are spending too.

  4. Frugal is the new sexy —>love it! No wonder I’ve been feeling so sexy, ;).

    I hear you on the kids growing up with a sense of entitlement. I was just thinking last night that I need ways to show my son that a)the world does not owe him anything, b)he’s not always going to get what he wants. He’s pretty good but he does get the case of the gimmes sometimes.

  5. What is amazing is that it sounds like the rest of the parents were going to just sit there and put up with it. Seriously. $150 bucks for an overnighter? I hope that also included a family of 5.I thought the whole point of the 8th grade trip was that you spent all year raising money for it.
    Our school has started making the kids do a “mission” type project while they are gone. I prefer that direction, where they are giving instead of just taking.

  6. What is amazing is that it sounds like the rest of the parents were going to just sit there and put up with it.

    I know right??? I had done the math too and thought to myself if it cost our family of 4 $600 for an overnighter we would never vacation.


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