No Money Saving Tip for You Today, Or Is It?

I am always trying to share ways to save, but I also want to make sure you share things that I think ARE worth spending money on.

My newest splurge, and many probably jumped on this band wagon years ago, is high quality lunch meat.

I hate making lunch and I have not liked lunch meat since my early 20’s, which basically means for half my life I haven’t eaten lunch meat without getting the dry heaves.

I get some for our kids every now and then, and the truth is my husband would like a sandwich for lunch on occasion. So I grab some turkey and ham for them.

The store I frequent started carrying Boars Head a few years back. It was so expensive, so I was reluctant to try it. Well I finally broke down the other day and got some. Now I am hooked. There are no filers, gluten, artificial colors, trans fats or all that crap that most deli products and that all packages lunch meats have. I did give up packaged lunch meats a few years ago.

I said to the lady, “this tastes like real ham” and she said it’s because it was. Hmmm that’s a novel idea.

Anyway, that is my new splurge. How much is it, you might be thinking???  $9.99 a pound. Yep, just spent almost $20 on lunch meat today. Good, healthy lunch meat.

I am also a firm believer that if we put quality food in our bodies we won’t be dealing with health issues later on in life. So maybe this is a money saving tip, I don’t know.

I wish I could tell you that Boar’s Head compensated for this review, but they didn’t. I just want to pass along things I think are worth spending money on. I promise one of these days it will be something besides food. It’s hard, because I just love food.

What’s your guilty pleasure for lunch?


  1. I love bacon/apple/cheddar sandwich made with any kind of toasted Dave’s Killer Bread.

  2. Dave’s Killer Bread, another great splurge item, I agree!!!