Are You a Spender??

We live rather frugally.  I have always watched what we spend and monitored it pretty well.  I know I could have done better and been putting more away, but…what can I say.  We try and keep the balance of enjoying our life right now as well.

What I do know is that we have a cushy savings account, and right now I am glad it is there, as we are having to dip into to it.

As I search the web everyday I look for new ways to save.  Not that I am a pro or anything, but I do most of what people say, or I have tried most of those things, but most importantly I know most of those things.  Which is why even in a  down/recovering economy we are OK.

Some days I feel like with so much information available out there, even my 2 little cents doesn’t matter in this big blog world.  Even though I do it, someone else probably already does and has blogged about it.

But then I am reminded by people around us that don’t know all these little tips.  People, that even with the mass amounts of info out there,  just don’t know how to stop spending or control their spending.

It is then I get a excited again to share my ideas and my lifestyle and continue to press on passing out the info that has helped us and kept me from blogging about “How We Worked Our Way Out of Debt”. I don’t blog about that, I have never had too and hope never need too.

Some of you are spenders and you just don’t know how to stop spending.  I am going to take some time and do a series called,  “I am a Spender How. How Do I Change My Ways”.  It’s been written about a million times.  I promise I won’t once mention, freezer your credit card, because I have NEVER done that.  I won’t suggest things that I have never done, only encourage you in this frugal lifestyle.

We will quickly touch on

  • Ways to cut back without going without
  • Ways to spend wisely

You might be making bank and not need to cut corners, but living month to month on a big paycheck is a big mistake. Even you need to be on a Budget.

Remember this, when reading through my blog….my blog is titled Money4This…Not4That.  What that means is I like to splurge, it’s not all about saving, skimping and eating beans and rice.  It’s also about enjoying your life right now, even if you are on a budget.

Continue reading this series….

I Am a Spender How Do I Change My Ways
I Am a Spender How Do I Change My Ways Now
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