Food Prices Rise as Deals Decline

Have you noticed that food prices are rising? Have you also noticed that the deals out there aren’t as good as they used to be?

What is happening?

A year ago I had more instant oatmeal than I could shake a stick at. I had cereal for days and the FREE pasta overflowed. As a lazy cook, I also had plenty of very cheap pasta sauce. Snack bars for the kids were aplenty and canned goods were fully stocked. The catalinas I was getting was scoring me some cheap fruits and veggies.

My pantry was so full my son would open the door and show people when they came to visit. I had so much pasta sauce that I had an avalanche one day and lost a few jars in the collapse.

I had ziploc bags and containers that I had gotten for free.

But today is different. I rarely buy cereal and if I do the best I can do is $1.50 a box. The oatmeal this year was just over a $1 box compared to the 20¢ a box I was getting last year same time.

The bananas in our area jumped one day from from 59¢ to 64¢. Zucchini is $2.50 lb. A head of lettuce that was $1 a head a few weeks back is now $1.89 and much smaller.

My last baggie purchase was store brand because it was so much cheaper, and they weren’t even close to free.

Between the cost of fuel rising rapidly and the winter freezes affecting our food, the prices are going up and up.

It doesn’t stop there. The deals are becoming less and less. I follow 3 deal blogs pretty consistently, but rarely  do I make the rounds to the stores. The gas prices don’t justify me driving around for gum. It is free gum, but I don’t need gum!!

In February I spent nearly $800 in food. That is almost double my budget. That’s not eating out, that’s just food. I know it was my birthday month (yes I celebrate all month) and I did have some parties and different things, but $800??

Has anyone else noticed the prices going up and the deals going down?


  1. Tiffany Kerns says

    I have felt the same way. We are buying a share at a local farm this year. I can’t imagine that for $25/week i could do any better at the store. Especially with the cost of gas. Also we have cut out cereal and baking muffins or eating hot cereal, it is still much cheaper in bulk than cold cereal. I have told my kiddos to not expect lots of granola bars or yogurts. Can’t justify the costs! Things seem 25% higher than this time last year.

  2. We are doing the same. I agree with you, I don’t think it could possibly be cheaper in the store and we both know it won’t be better from the store. 🙂


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