How to Do a Price Adjustment

It’s been a while since I have shared a Tuesday’s Tip, but I have a good one.


First off know how many days you have to get a price adjustment. Off the top of my head I know that Target is 7 days while Fred Meyer is 14. Other places I have to ask, because I just don’t know.

When you see something go on sale take in your receipt and ask for the lower price.

With Target I always throw my receipts away because they can look everything up. Well, today I went in to get a price adjustment and they can’t do it without a receipt.

I was looking at a $16 price adjustment on a comforter I bought. I asked them if it was ok if I went back and purchased another one (on a different card) then returned it on the old card. They told me that would be fine.

I did just that. I asked again if this was cheating the system and they assured me it was ok to do.

I actually knew about this trick, that’s why I asked. That and I knew if I found it, I was going to purchase it then head straight to Customer Service to return it, so they would be on to me.

I appreciate that they are willing to work with you. I know it does take some time, but be willing to ask for a price adjustment. It’s their policy that they have to honor.