How to Travel With High Gas Prices

Really all you can do if you are traveling is suck it up. Gas prices are high, making everything else along the way high too.

If you are traveling by car there are a few things that can help cut some costs. Aside from the travel at 55 mph for the best possible mpg (which I won’t do for 8 hours or more), you can download apps to your iPhone, iPad or Android that can help you find cheap gas as you travel along the way.

My favorite one that I am using right now is GasBuddy, which is a free download.  I am excited to use this as we travel. It shows the prices of gas at all the gas stations in the area, so you can find the cheapest one.

I also use a cash back credit card when I travel. Right now I earn 3% cash back on gas purchases. When it costs over $70 to fill up, this rebate begins to add up, especially when you are traveling long distances.

As always we will pack our own snacks and drinks. What we bring will be much cheaper than gas station prices, which I am sure are higher now too.

Just reporting in that I it did work perfectly.

For all you that have a Fred Meyers card with points (not sure if it’s all Kroger stores or not) and if you have a Shell gas station you can get 10¢ off a gallon. Woohoo, another way to save.

What tricks or apps do you use when you travel to help save you money?

photo courtesy of timsnell @ flickr