I am a Spender. How Do I Change My Ways Now?

I am writing a short series on how to stop being a spender.  If you haven’t been following start HERE and you can catch up.

If you are back and continuing on, thank you.  Last time we talked about figuring out your priorities.  We talked about my priority, food, but also the priorities of others, such as clothes shopping, decorating the house, watching movies, and so on.  If you missed it, take a minute to read about it HERE so today’s post makes sense.

Did you establish your priorities?  Can you nail down the one thing you really like to spend money on?

You can still be a spender, but you need to spend wisely.  There is a huge difference.

Let’s take my priority for instance. Food.  I can go all over the web and find ladies that are feeding their families (big families) on $100 a week or less.

Could I do that?  If I put my mind to it yes, I could totally do that.  Do I want to?  Nope. Don’t even want to try.

But, I try not to be stupid about it.  Yes, Fillet Mignon would great at every meal, but that’s not going to work.  Instead I watch the ads, I buy things on sale, with coupons and I stock up.  I watch for cuts of meat that I like in the markdown section of the grocery store.  They have to sell it by a certain date or throw it out.  It’s not bad, it just needs to be used right away or frozen.

I love to eat out.  I watch for Groupons, I use the Entertainment Book or watch for coupons in the mail.  I also register with any restaurants that I like in hopes of getting emails with coupons or special dinner prices.

What was happening is we were spending around $900 a month on food, because of the way I was cooking and eating out.  I didn’t want to stop this lifestyle, I just wanted to control it,  to keep having it.

What about clothes shopping?  I heard this comment once, “women dress for other women.”  It’s true.  Men barely notice, our kids don’t notice, but you surely notice every single lady dressed super nice at the mall don’t you?

Why don’t you instead dress for you.  What is that you like?  Do you have to have name brand clothing?  Does it even fit into your budget.  Are you willing to quit eating out to wear that brand?

These are questions you need to think through.  I have printed off coupons for Target clothing lately.  I have a necklace that I get a compliment on every.single.time I wear it.  It was on clearance at Target for $6.  I had these pants once that someone asked me if I got them at Marios.  I had been in one time and knew most things there cost around $150.  I had actually gotten them at Old Navy for $20.

You don’t need to go super “low end” if that’s what you want to call those stores, but you don’t need to have all brand name and you need to limit yourself to how much you purchase.

Once you figure out your priorities cut back in the other areas that aren’t as important.

You need to figure out how to cut back on what it is you like and you also need to figure out how to cut expenses of things that aren’t as important.

Do you have a budget in place? If not, why? Does one of these excuse apply to you?

Continue reading this series…….

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