I am a Spender. How Do I Change My Ways?

Some of you might be dropping by and reading just to humor me.  Thank you.  You might be thinking I am not a spender.  I rarely go to the mall, I work a lot and I don’t have time to spend.  Yet even you must admit at the end of the month you’ve spent your whole pay check.  Seriously, how is that even possible??  This is not a 10 step program, but similar in that we:

  • Must all admit we are spenders
  • Then we have to figure out our priorities.

What you spend your money on is way different that what I spend my money on.  In the end…we both spend.  In the end we both get to the end of the month and say “where did the money go?”

What is important to you?  What is it that you love to spend money on?

My Priorities :: Money4This

If you have followed me much you know I love food.  I love to cook good food and I love to eat out at great places.  Neither of which lend themselves to saving money, but it’s what I love.  Since I do love it so much I am always looking for ways to save in both eating at home and eating out.

Since food is my first priority I start by looking at ways to cut back in other areas.  I will be honest, my food budget is the last one to go.  I know my friend over at Inspired2Cook will back me on this one.  A great meal prepared at home makes everyone sit down and the conversation flows.   Yes, I have 2 teenage kids and we eat dinner together.

Here is where I cut back :: Not4That

  • I have never been a fan of shopping.  So trying to control my spending in a clothing store is not hard to do.  I just don’t go to the expensive places.
  • I don’t need a ton of entertainment.  Movies to me are so expensive and honestly just not my thing.
  • I don’t need fancy cars.
  • My home is decorated and I haven’t put much new into it lately.
  • I like to garden, but have asked friends for plants and shared bulbs with friends.

For some of you, the places I cut back are the places you would prefer to spend.  You might just love getting that one new piece of clothing every month or every week.  Again, this can be done.  There are coupons and there are discount stores to most clothing stores.

I have a friend that loves going to movies.  Loves, loves, loves it.  Her and her husband go every.single.weekend and they love it.  It’s what they do.  You know what, that’s ok.  Some of you are shaking your heads and doing the math, but it’s their thing.  Again, there are ways to save on movies.

Figure out what your priority is.  Once you do that we can figure out how to slow down the spending or cut back on things that just don’t matter…to you.

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  1. I love this post! It’s all about our priorities, isn’t it? I always say that we can’t have everything- we need to make choices. I am not a movie goer either. 🙂

  2. I hear ya. We are not “car people” and sometimes I stop to contemplate how many tens of thousands of dollars that has saved us. And I am with you–I HATE to shop!!


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