I Am a Spender, Trying to Change My Ways

I am continuing my series on “I Am A Spender.” Start here with “Are you a Spender?” and “I am a Spender, How Do I Change My Ways?”

Once you figure out your priorities and you think through ways you can cut in your priority area and even give up in other areas you still need to have some kind of tracking system.

When things got really tight for us I started, for the first time ever in my life, writing down every penny we spent.  I did this to see how much I was spending each day and in the end, each week.  So when I got to the end of the month, I knew where it had all gone.

You will need to do something tangible if you want to control your spending. The easiest solution is have a spending journal.

Write down everything you spend for 1 week. That’s really all it will take to see how you spend.

If you just can’t believe how careless you might be or if you want to look for areas to cut back in , then journal for a second week.

I like to check my checking account balance nearly every day just to know where I am at. If I feel like we have gotten out of control, I will take a week and journal just to get back into the habit of not over spending.

These are also great practices to start if you are saving for something big, say a new car, a house or even a vacation.

Even if there wasn’t new material in here, I hope I could at least somehow encourage you to start again or encourage you to stay the path.

We need to live to enjoy our lives and not be tied to things that control us. Don’t let money or finances control…instead control them first.

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