3 Ways with Country Style Pork Ribs

Country Style Pork Ribs are on sale this week at Fred Meyer. I had some of these last week in the freezer and brought them out and served them 3 time with 3 different meals. And remember I am feeding teenagers. After this success I will be buying these again this week. Check out what else is on sale this week.

Pork Carnitas ::

I made carnitas with the first time. I put the whole 5lbs in a dutch over with ::

  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 cup of water or to cover all the meat
  • half of an orange squeezed in then rind thrown in on top
  • generous amount of freshly ground pepper on top

I cooked these at 300 degrees for 3 hours. At that point I took them out of the oven, and took the lid off and pulled out the orange. I continued to cook them for nearly another hour until the juices were almost gone and the meat began to get browned.

I served the carnitas on corn tortillas with sliced avocado and salsa. My whole family loved these.

Two Days Later :: Pork Fajitas

I put the left over meat in about 1 cup of chicken broth (the amount of liquid will depend on how much meat you have. I wanted it to heat it through and not just dry it out doing so.) While it heated up I shredded it.

I added more seasoning like garlic, cumin and chili powder. I then sauteed some onions and peppers. Heated some black beans and made pork fajitas on flour tortillas. Or I could have easily added the meat to quesadilla.

I Still Had Leftovers :: Tortilla Soup

I took all the leftovers from this meal for the soup. I added the onions and peppers and a can of tomatoes to chicken broth and pureed it with an immersion blender. I added the rest of the black beans, plus another can, a can of corn and the rest of the left over pork and made Tortilla Soup.

Luckily the whole family loves the soup and it was a pleasant 3rd meal surprise.

What kinds of meats do you stretch into more than one meal?

I have done Rotisserie chicken this way too. And have made soup with leftover roast too.