5 Car Rental Tips That Save You Time and Money

I think the one thing I hate to do when I travel is arranging the rental car. It’s mostly because I am so frugal that I will compare every single company and try and save myself $2. In the process it takes me an hour to save that $2.

I am trying to let go a little of the “cents” if you will, and just grab a car and go.

In my most recent planning I chose rather quickly I might add ::

  1. I went with a company I liked and had a membership with (although I did compare it to 2 others just to make sure, but no more.)
  2. I grabbed a small car and hoped for a FREE upgrade when we got there. (She wouldn’t budge)
  3. I used a special that was being offered on the web page that was just as good and in one case better than any other coupon I had.
  4. I booked my car.

When this part is finalized you will see the total, mine was $38 with a statement that read other taxes may apply. I printed this and carried it with me.

When I picked up my car sure enough there were $3 in taxes added. I didn’t ask I just assumed this was part of what I had read.

When I dropped off my car this total had gone up to $46. NOW I ASKED. I handed him my printed statement.  Interesting thing is he couldn’t figure out where those came from. He worked on it for about 10 minutes and just said he would go back to my original amount because he couldn’t figure it out.

5.  ASK When you have questions about your final cost.

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photo courtesy of Allway rental @flickr