Don’t Be Afraid! 3 Steps to Selling Your Own Home

This is actually tons easier than people think. Many people do it and many people are successful. Plus it’s a great money saver if you are willing to give it a shot.

1.  Get Your House Seen

You can still get your house listed on an MLS listing and the cost is a fraction of what you will pay a Realtor. For those in the Portland Area and some surrounding counties we can use FlatFeePDX. I have used this service and it was easy, and in the end, it is what sold our home. Cost? $300 (although I think it’s $200 right now.)

Find a local store that caters to “For Sale by Owner” customers. They will have everything you need including the paperwork, although that can be found online. You can get your signs from them as well. Pick a good sign.

Put your house up on Craigslist too. The more exposure the better.

2.  DO your homework. You need to know exactly what your house is worth.

Many people think their is house “all that” and it needs a price tag to reflect it. It might be special to you, but compared to others on the market, it could be dated. If you aren’t sure, ask a friend to be honest with you.

If you price it wrong, it won’t sell. – The last house we sold ourselves I had quite a few Realtors come through. Many commented on how well it was priced. That was encouraging. I spent tons of time, like months, watching house prices in my neighborhood and city. Not only that, but I knew my house showed way better than any of those other houses. I had either looked at pictures online or gone through the other houses myself.

Make your house stand out. Read 13 Steps to Make Your House Stand Out.

Take great pictures of your house for your listing. If you don’t have a good camera have someone do it for you.

3.  Benefits of Selling Your Own Home

When you sell without a Realtor you can save a ton of money.

You have more bargaining power since you aren’t taking off 3% (or whatever the going rate is in your area) for each Realtor used.

Still nervous? We had a back up plan. Our back up plan was to use our realator to help us do paperwork if we needed help and pay her for that service. We talked about that ahead of time. The agreement was that we wouldn’t use her to sell our house, but we would use her to help us buy a house. (I would not go into that agreement again because you have more buying power without any realators on either end.)

What ended up happening…

The people that bought our house had a Realtor. That Realtor did all the paperwork. We didn’t even have to use ours (that we paid $15 for). We paid her the 3%,  and she did it ALL.

Selling a home yourself is a Not4That, expense. What will end up costing you around $500 could save you almost $8,500 on a $300,000 home.


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