Garden Corner in Tualatin at 50% Off

The Garden Corner in Tualatin is offering a $30 gift certificate for just $15. I love this place. It’s right down the road from me and I drive by and drool a lot. They have everything from small plants to large out door decor. It’s a fun place to just go walk around.

I am always watching for Garden Corner Coupons or Garden Corner discounts, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this.

The deal is available for 2 days. So if you are in the Portland area jump on this deal. You won’t be disappointed.

The place is so well done you even get ideas on how to create outdoor living spaces. It’s like the IKEA of gardening.

If you other Mom’s are like me, you know it’s best to sometimes just choose your own Mother’s Day gift. This is a great gift!

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This deal is located under Portland. And by the way, I have already purchased it.